Daniel 7:17-18

Good morning and God bless you all in this beautiful day!

This is your brother Israel Leonard who's back with you!

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Some precious brothers and sisters have wondered why I haven't work in the blog for some time, and I want to begin with that.

On May 20 last year, when traveling to my job, I fell with my MC in an accident. Not the first time, but a little different than other times, because I broke a finger in the right hand. Immediatly I phoned my boss to fix all things in my workplaces, then I took the MC and made it to the hospital. I got the hand and the forearm plastered for three weeks - even with some special nails in the bones to keep the finger in shape - and when they took the plaster away, my right hand was totally useless. Then the doctor gave me a set of daily exercises in order to get back the normal use of the fingers.

The whole process has taken circa four months, and thanks Jesus, my hand has been restored and I'm back in my work. I give thanks to the Lord for those doctors and personal who did their work in a so excellent manner, and for the brothers and sisters praying for my healing. NEVER underestimate the power of prayers! My hand is not only restored; it is far better now. I can play things that were impossible before, and even learnt a new instrument. Our God is a God of miracles!

Since the day of my accident, there are many things that have happened in this world. Most of the people in the UK have voted to leave the EU, most of the people in the US have voted for Mr. Donald Trump as their President, and most of the nations of the world have voted against Israel, and in favor of the Islamic Arab terrorists which the world calls "palestinians".

This last votation, occurred in UN on December 23, was a satanical attack against Israel. The infamous resolution has taken Jerusalem from the Jews, including the Western Wall, their most sacred place in the world, where the Jewish temple was, and denied Jews their right to live in Hebron, Bethlehem, Bethel, Tekoa and other places that you read in you Bible, as Jewish cities from thousands years ago. Besides, it has put Israel in the most terrible situation of its modern history, since 1948 when it was attacked by five Arab armies and defeated them.

Let me explain this. When you say that is it is "illegal" for Jews to live there, besides promoting ethnic cleansing, which is an outrage in itself, you are determining that the terrorist "palestinians" have some reasons, they are "fighting for their freedom".  But it is them who have made peace impossible with their rejection of any peace proposal! The message the world has sent them is, "keep making terrorism, it is working". The same hypocritical political circle that "condemns" ISIS, Boko Haram and the Taliban, is condoning Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad.

Why? The Word of God has prophecies concerning this event, but before we read it, the most important question the Lord asks us today is this:

Do you believe in the prophecies about Israel?

Because the prophecies tell us about God's plan, and God doesn't change His plan because of some terrorists or because of the terrorism's friends who help them.

Let's read the Word of God as it is in Daniel 7:17-18. The original Aramaic text is,

"Ilén khevatá rabrebatá di inín arbá, arbeá malkhín yekumún min ar-á. Vikabelún malkutá kadishé elionín, veyasenún malkutá ad almá, vead alám almayá"

And the NIV has perfectly translated it to English this way:

"The four great beasts are four kings that will rise from the earth. But the holy people of the Most High will receive the kingdom and will possess it forever - yes, for ever and ever"

The angelical interpretation God gave Daniel about the visions is:

Four "kings" will rise to fight Israel
But the "holy people of the Most High" will receive the kingdom and
The "holy people of the Most High" will possess this kingdom forever.

To receive the revelation this prophecy contains, we need to know which "kings" are these and who the "holy people of the Most High" is. And if you have a Study Bible like mine, the "holy people" is identified in the notes with the church, because the kingdom of God is the eternal Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, when He comes back to this world.

But this way to see the whole thing is totally wrong. Because the interpretation of the prophecy was given to Daniel and the prophet didn't know a single book of the New Testament. He didn't know that the church should be grafted in Israel, as we can read in Romans eleven. The only "holy people of the Most High" that Daniel knew about is in Deuteronomy 14:2, where God makes a difference between Israel and all other peoples:

"for you are a people holy to the Lord your God. Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the Lord has chosen you to be his treasured possession"

For Daniel, who didn't know what the church should be, the "holy people" was Israel. That's why in Daniel chapter eight, when he receives a revelation of the evil ruler Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who would destroy the "holy people", he understood that that man should be an enemy and persecutor of the Jews. We can read about this in:

Daniel 8:21-24

"The shaggy goat is the king of Greece, and the large horn between its eyes is the first king. The four horns that replaced the one that was broken off represent four kingdoms that will emerge from his nation but will not have the same power"

"In the latter part of their reign, when rebels have become completely wicked, a fierce-looking king, a master of intrigue, will arise. He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy those who are mighty, the holy people"

This "holy people" which Antiochus would destroy, and that was chosen by God among all the peoples of the earth, and that will receive the Kingdom of God, is the Jewish people. There are antisemites preaching and teaching different things, but let me tell you something you already know: when Antiochus IV was destroying "the holy people", THERE WAS NO CHRISTIAN CHURCH on earth.

In this prophecy of Daniel eight we can see a new revelation, about the "kings" - the same word used in Daniel 7:17 as the meaning of the beasts in Daniel's vision.


"The shaggy goat is the king of Greece, and the large horn between its eyes is the first king". How can possibly the goat be a "king" and its horn "the first king"?

The word "king" for the goat is to be read "kingdom". Because the horn, or first king, is Alexander the Great, as we'll see when we come to Daniel eight. Alexander made Greece a unified empire and fought the Persian empire, which is prophesied in that chapter. Then, the "beasts" are KINGDOMS, not particular kings. And this interpretation applies to Daniel seven as well. In previous messages we have spoken about the KINGDOMS that the four beasts represent. You can read in the links Daniel 7:4-6 and Daniel 7:7-8 the interpretation of the four beasts (Babylonia, Persia, Greece and Rome) Daniel seven brings the supreme revelation that all these kingdoms will pass away, but Israel would eternally remain.

Possibly you ask yourself: but... how can Israel be under attack, with all nations voting against them? If God is supposed to be blessing Israel, how can it be that the developments are totally different? And your question should be a very legitimate one. The outcome of the UN resolution is even worse than anything we could imagine.

The vote to delegitimize Israel has been received with cheerings and feast by all "palestinian" terrorists. Abbas called all his terrorist minions to plan the best way to use this new state of things, and Hamas is preparing their new "resistance war" - read, their new wave of terrorism. It is hardly believable that the 14 nations which stabbed Israel in its back, and the Obama administration which didn't apply its veto rights, should ignore the damage they were causing Israel.

The question about this has no answer in Daniel seven. But when we read the interpretation of the prophetical dream of king Nebuchadnezzar, in Daniel chapter two, we find the situation of these times we are living in.

In Daniel 2:43 we read:

"And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay"

That "mixture of peoples" which will "not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay", is taking place before our own eyes.

Let me show you some of the nations who voted against Israel:

Communists (China, Venezuela)
Socialists (France)
"Right" (UK, Russia)
Muslims (Egypt, Malaysia, Senegal)

The votes of Egypt, Malaysia and Senegal are no brainier. From September the 1st in 1967, the Arab Muslim world defined their position in Sudan as "the three nos"

No recognition of Israel
No peace with Israel
No negotiations with Israel

That meeting should be enough for the world to know the terrible hatred in the Arab and Muslim world against Israel, which is the reason that only two Arab Muslim countries have recognized the Jewish State. This recognition costed his life to the Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, killed by terrorists of the Muslim Broterhood.

But the unanimous Jew-hatred in the muslim world can hardly be called a "mix of iron and baked clay". All of them are Muslim and all of them hate Jews. Here is where the prophecy talks to us about so odd things that nobody should believe them untill they see them.

There is no possible way to mix Communism and Islam. The only things they share is the creation of dictatorial regimes and the hate of democracies, especially of the western world. But Communists have joined the Muslim world in their hate of Jews, and even some supposedly democratic nations like France, whose governments have totally lost their moral compass under an unclean spirit, have done the same thing. A government who professes to be Israel's friend, and which country is under heavy attack of terrorist Muslims, should know better.

Nevertheless, these incomprehensible alliances were prophesied since Daniel the prophet interpreted Nebuchadnezzar's dream. The features of the last "kingdom", which is being formed, are among the signs of these last times, a kingdom symbolized in the feet of iron and baked clay. As we read in the prophecies, Israel will yet be under persecution, and the Anti-Christ will even invade the Holy Land. But Daniel's prophecy resounds and will always proclame, " the holy people of the Most High will receive the kingdom and will possess it forever".

When democracies, Communism and Islam shall be only memories, and when the Kingdom of God shall be one upon the earth, and the Messiah shall reign in Jerusalem, then this prophecy about the "holy people of the Most High" - now with us Christians "grafted" - "shall receive the kingdom, and shall possess the kingdom forever".

At the time Daniel received these prophecies, he was a captive in Babylonia. In the same way, at the time John the apostle received the amazing visions of the book of Revelation, he was a prisoner of the Roman Empire. In the midst of persecutions and crisis, these and other many prophets have received the Word of the Most High to confirm and to bless the real believers, and they have written it in the power of the Spirit of God.

Israel is under attack, one of the worst attacks in his history, when the nations have chosen to ignore all years of Muslim Arab hatred against the Jews not only from 1948, but even before the proclamation of the State of Israel. Even so, the Word of God is their hope and their support, in spite of the betrayal of the whole world.

If you are a believer, the Word of God with its prophecies is your support and hope, also! If you have not yet received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, let me tell you that you can still do it. Satan will deceive more and more persons and more and more nations in this world, until Our Lord comes. But our triumph is the same as Israel's triumph: we have the prophecies about our eternal blessing, and we can see persecutions and crisis as temporal things that can't reverse God's plan.

If you want to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, pray with me:

Thank you, Jesus, for Your Word, and because there is comfort in You.
Thank you because, in these times of confusion, in You there is clarity.
Thank you for this oportunity to turn to You.
Forgive my sins and transgressions, receive me as your child.
In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

In the love of Christ, please join us praying for Israel.

Thank you, Lord, because You called Abraham from a pagan and idolatrous world.
Thank you for the people born from Abraham.
Thank you for Moses, who delivered Your people from slavery, and led them to the promised land.

Thank you for giving Your Word to this people so that they should live according to it.
Thank you for all promises, prophecies, commandments, words of wisdom, stories and other examples we can find in Your Word, written there by Israel's prophets.
Thank you because we have come to know You through them.

Thank you for the prophecies they wrote for us about Our Lord Jesus Christ, Israel's Messiah.
Thank you for sending Your Son to Israel, and Your Spirit to raise Your church in Jerusalem.
Thank you for Your Son's death on a cross in Jerusalem, and for the resurrection of Your Son in Jerusalem.

Thank you for the rebirth of the Jewish nation that You brought about.
Thank you for all Jews returning to the State of Israel, their nation.
Thank you for the miracle of the existence of Israel.
Thank you Lord, because every prophecy that You are bringing to fulfilment in Israel is a hope for us, to confirm us about the many prophecies You will also fulfil for all of the believers.

In the powerful Name of Jesus, we rebuke every unclean spirit which gives strenght to Israel's enemies, every lying spirit which is deceiving the nations, and every spirit of antisemitism working for the destruction of the Jewish people. In the Holy Name of Jesus, we rebuke them and declare Your Word and Your protection upon Your people.

Bless, o Lord, Your people Israel.
Bless, o Lord, Your holy city, Jerusalem.
Guard, o Lord, Your people, and protect them from their evil enemies.
Guard, o Lord, Your people, and protect them from the treason of their s.c. "friends"
In the Holy Name of Jesus we pray.


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